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When the fast will break? | اہم مسئلہ

When the fast will break? | اہم مسئلہ

When the fast will break? | اہم مسئلہ


Taking a dip in a swimming Pool:

“Swimming doesn’t break a person’s fast but if water makes its way through the mouth into the throat or inside the nose, which in many cases is believed to reach the abdomen, then it can. Muslims fasting must avoid aggressive swimming strokes or showering or else their fast cannot be counted and they need to make it up after Ramadan.”

Brushing the teeth:

“Muslims need to know that miswak is encouraged to be used during fasting hours to brush the teeth.Brushing your teeth using toothpaste and a brush is discouraged because the paste can reach the throat.

Donating blood:

“There is some debate on this between various Muslim scholars, but the majority agree that it doesn’t. The Hambli school of thought believes it does.”

Applying Liquid Perfume:

Smelling or applying perfume does not break the fast, according to the Mufti Shaykh Ibn Al-Uthaymin and Shaykh Ibn Baz.
It is permissible to apply such perfumes as long as one does not inhale or ingest it.

Taking Nutritional Injections:

Taking nutritional injections does break your fast as per Shaykh Ibn Al-Uthmayin.
Nutritional injections are considered similar to food that is why it’s intake is prohibited.

Smoking During Fast:

Smoking while you’re fasting does break your fast.

Kissing Or Hugging:

Kissing or hugging while fasting does not break it.It is only permissible if these activities do not lead to sexual arousal.



Effects of fasting on Health

www.findinformations.com, Effects of fasting on Health

Effects of fasting on Health

Ramadan is not only a month of worship. Ramzan teaches the Muslims that everything is balanced. As day-to-day routine and health. Pakistani and international health experts have said Fasting during the month of Ramadan not only reduces weight loss, overcomes diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases. Effects of fasting on Health, Fasting improves mental state and can also prevent various types of cancer.

Fast in Diabetes – Effects of fasting on Health

Diabetes patients should consult their physicians before the onset of Ramadan, that their medications and insulin doses should be adjusted according to Ramadan when they should be consulted by nutritionists who use such diets. As a result, they were able to fast without difficulty and lose weight at the end of Ramadan. These views were addressed by national and international health experts addressing the Sixth International Diabetes and Ramadan Online Conference.Addressing the conference, Saudi Obstetrician Professor Dr. Khalid Tayyab said that millions of diabetics in the world fast every year in the world, and many of them suffer from the spiritual and physical benefits of fasting while some people Ignorance also leads to an increase in illness.

Diabetics should start preparing and change their medications and diet with the advice of health experts. Preparation of fasting before the onset of Ramadan does not make it difficult for the diabetic patients to complete 30 days of fasting easily and to benefit from the spiritual and physical benefits of the holy month.

Pakistan’s leading gynecologist Dr. Zahid Mian said that people with diabetes who use insulin can also fast, but they should make a promise that if their diabetes is too low or too high during the fast If they go, they will break the fast because Allah Almighty says to people not to put their lives to death.
Dr. Zahid Mian said that insulin patients were forbidden to fast 10 to 15 years ago, but today research has shown that if patients using insulin consult their physician and their instructions If they do, then they too can fast for 30 days without any difficulty. Salimah Mahar, a leading nutritionist in Britain, says that the month of Ramadan should be spent according to the spirit, rather than being considered a festive meal. So not only does physical health improve but there are countless spiritual benefits.